Abroad to A Belgian couple at the entrance of Switzerland, is firmly against the lamp and walked out. The two were scattered all over in their motor home, with a total of 84 gallons of spirits is hidden. That is, they bought tax-free in the Italian Livigno. However, when they are on the border came out, was a mistake.

The 68-year-old driver and his wife were there just to have a vacation deep into the Italian Livigno. That village is well-known as a ski resort, but also as a duty-free zone. The ideal is to have a solid inventory of the alcohol in the store, the couple have thought of.For the return trip, they decided last Thursday to the 2.315 m high Livignopas to drive to Switzerland lead to.

“Two bottles of whiskey,”

When she is at the top of the mountain, at the customs office of La Motta came in, it went wrong. If they have something to give and had asked for a Swiss customs official. “I only have two bottles of whisky, and bought it”, said the Belgian. It won’t be very convincing, as there are for the Swiss, believed there was nothing at all.