Bloggers broke the locks on the

Novosibirsk bloggers and fighters against seizure parkings Denis Beginners and Anton Sokolov has posted another video — this time they broke the locks on the “frogs” near the MUP “Energy” na Nekrasova, 53.

the Movie in two parts posted on YouTube channel “NOVOSIBIRSK”: this is the first new video after a long break. Bloggers have stopped their activities due to the fact that the Newcomers had an accident, and the channel was stolen.

— we were Shooting in March. We arrived early in the morning, before 8 am and put the machine across to them not to give to Park and put them in a situation of other people. To us, first came the guard, but we were not interested, as we wanted to appeal to the Director of NTM-a, Mikhail Kolesnikov. Kolesnikov in the end the us refused to talk. First said, well, now I come, and you make an appointment and come to my office. But while we were recording, he ran off. The video shows more, as we were just sent at Denis Beginners.