Blatenska operation: as the Chinese invaded the Soviet Union in 1969

History 06/02/20 Blatenska operation: as the Chinese invaded the Soviet Union in 1969

the Young Soviet Union actively helped China and actually marked the beginning of a China that has promoted the release of Chinese from the Japanese occupation and the end of a bloody civil war. Despite this, relations between neighbors were not always peaceful. About the incident on the island Damanskiy in 1969, they know everything. But a similar provocation of the Chinese army in Kazakhstan, then part of the former Soviet Union, much less known.

the Background to the conflict

the Border provocations from the Chinese side began in the 60s. the Occasion was the debunking of Stalin’s personality cult and changes in the economic policies of Khrushchev. The Chinese “farmers” launched a massive cattle grazing on the lands of the USSR, declaring arrived to the Soviet border guards that they are in China. Despite the fact that the border was strengthened in almost its entire length, more than 7000 km, the provocations continued. The conflict on Damansky island showed the superiority of Soviet weapons and training, but that hasn’t stopped China. Next unauthorized crossing of the border happened near the village Dulat, in Kazakhstan.

In anticipation of provocations based in the area Makanchinskiy the frontier on the orders of Moscow was strengthened. Now, in addition to 700 guards, it included more maneuverable backing group on several armored vehicles. Closer to the region were relocated to some other Soviet units, including armored vehicles and mortars. Provocations were waiting — including the armed. Especially since the area contributed in the area of the village ran a sheep trail, which is the Chinese under the supervision of our guards for many years drove of sheep.

the Conflict in Dolinskom direction

Information about unauthorized border crossings on the above trail received the morning of may 2 1969. In addition twow, that cattle-driving was not agreed with the Soviet side, and were accompanied by a flock of a few dozen shepherds. And under their jackets one could clearly see the outline of a weapon.

a Peaceful attempt by the Soviet border guards to stop the movement of the herd and tracking was not successful. To help the shepherds with the Chinese side there was a large armed group of about 50 people, but for her to cross the border started less numerous groups — 20-30 people. Yelling threats in Russian, Chinese began to take up positions on the hills and dig. The situation was clearer.

But the Soviet side responded quickly and decisively. In the area of imminent conflict were concentrated group under the command of major I. I. Butylkina consisting of 30 armored personnel carriers and 500 guards. Additionally, the ammunition was transferred and prepared attack and fighter aircraft. The operation to sweep the border area was planned for may 3-4, but orders to the troops never arrived. During this time the group “neighbors” has also grown, and the Soviet command had decided not to throw her infantry. The foreign Ministry had sent a protest note and continued increasing the number of cross-border groups.

It worked — may 18 began the withdrawal of Chinese troops from Soviet territory. But almost a month later, the battle still took place, however, it is silent both countries. There was all depending on the actual scenario — a shepherd with a flock of sheep crossed the border, and when he was detained by Soviet border guards on them from the shelter were attacked by armed Chinese. Our soldiers took the fight by calling for backup. Mobile group of APCS arrived in 15-20 minutes. During this time, Soviet border guards lost several soldiers wounded and to the aid of provocateurs moved another armed group.

the Battle was furious and lasted just over 40 minutes. This time was enough for the Chinese, taking with them the wounded, retreated to their territory. Then, in June, Dolinskom direction was to create aAna a new frontier and provocations stopped.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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