Biathlete of Moses: to prove the harassment is incredibly difficult

Russian biathlete Anna Moses, who in the spring of 2018 has accused coach Sergei Tootmine of sexual harassment, shared with reporters information about the investigation. The athlete has no regrets, but complains of difficulty in the course of the investigation.

As previously reported Вести.Ru former senior coach of the sports training Center of Moscow region Cutmin forced 17-year-old at the time she she said to intimate relations, that he had promised to help her in promoting my career. He was dismissed from the regional organization but now works in the Russian biathlon Union.

According to Moses, the Investigative Committee suspended the test on business allegedly for lack of evidence: “But now the Investigative Committee continues to work. We even have a criminal case. We recognized the victims. Now we need to the Prosecutor’s office confirmed it. We are waiting for the result.”

“the Problem is that in Russia you cannot use the recordings as evidence in court, — quotes athlete Спортбокс.Ru. – Only considered movies. And that about which you warn. In my case, I was not presented possible as it was possible to do otherwise. I did that to myself to save you”.

As recognized by Anna, she has no regrets: “I don’t regret that you did. On the contrary, there was no need to be silent. Want to those with whom something similar happened, too, were not silent, did not hide and were not ashamed. Of course, to prove something will be very difficult. Now, if there was even the victim”.