Der verlassene Eingangsbereich zum Club Berghain. (zu "Berlins berühmtes Berghain öffnet erstmals wieder die (Garten-)Tür") +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

It is a well-known fact that Berliners are not very upset. You’re used to a lot. When some provincial politician from the south of the republic accuses the capital of tax squandering, dysfunction or something else, most people on the Spree leave them cold.

Many residents of the capital also maintain a rather distanced relationship to their own sights such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Victory Column. But one thing regularly gets Berliners excited: the weal and woe of Berghain, the true figurehead of the capital in the world.

Now the Technotempel am Ostbahnhof has practically fallen to twelfth place in a list of the best clubs in the world published by “DJ Mag”. That already feels like second division. The disgrace is made even greater by the fact that another German club, the Kölner Bootshaus, is in fifth place, significantly higher up in the party Olympus. that fits. Is Berghain and the entire Berlin club culture now threatened with decline?

But please no gasping now! This is not only not healthy in the heat, but also not appropriate. Because what does “DJ Mag” know, or rather its 600,000 readers around the world who voted for the list? Most of them have probably never seen anything of Berlin’s club culture – they wouldn’t get into Berghain anyway.

The comparison with the boathouse is also out of the question for anyone who has ever been there. The author speaks from personal experience. The place was still granted to the Rhinelanders. Around the Cologne Cathedral, the people need it much more urgently when the local patriotic soul is caressed. In the end, quite a few people from Domstadt probably even voted “their” club to such heights.

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Anyone who needs such lists has already lost anyway. Berlin is over there – and in line at Berghain.