The Berlin CDU is demanding consequences from the numerous mishaps in the House of Representatives and Bundestag elections in September. In a 16-point paper entitled “Vote – but correctly!” the Christian Democrats are demanding additional so-called pop-up polling stations for postal voting, for example in shopping centers, and functioning controls when handing over the voting documents. According to the state CDU, major events such as the Berlin Marathon should no longer be held parallel to elections in Berlin.

On the other hand, the party is in favor of a bonus of 100 euros for election workers and a “election hero card” for discounts, for example at cultural events. The CDU is demanding that the Senate start looking for an experienced state returning officer, for example among former federal returning officers. The aim must be to avoid renewed embarrassment in the next election.

In the future, there should be no more long queues like those in front of many polling stations in September. The Christian Democrats are calling for “speed voting instead of a snail’s pace”: “No one should wait more than 15 minutes to cast their vote.” The CDU also demands that the number of ballot papers should be as high as the number of those entitled to vote so that there is no shortage of ballot papers, as has been the case in many places recently.

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The CDU General Secretary Stefan Evers accused the Senate of the chaos election last September was a historic failure. “This red-red-green Senate wasn’t able to organize elections that worked. And the same coalition just carried on after that.” The fact that Berlin has to fear a repeat election says everything about the administrative structures of this city after 20 years of SPD government.