Ypres Thaiboksclub Bronski Gym of Ypres performs the action to be a club member Farshad Ahmadi (16), and his family, our country, and to keep it. The family, which is in the Area of residence, it is coming soon namely, to be expelled to Afghanistan. The club, a petition was launched and a letter will be sent to the mayor. On Friday, at Ypres, a protest march was held, and to receive the mayor Talpe in the family, in the town hall.

The Belgian thaiboksclub Bronski’s Gym is composed of a 16-year-old man from Afghanistan in his ranks. Farshad Ahmadi, fled along with his family, in 2012, out of Logar, in the east of Afghanistan. The family of rose’s legs, after his father had returned from an assignment in Russia. The man had to go to work to support his wife and children to provide for. Upon his return to Afghanistan were, however, doubts as to the father, loyalty to islam during his stay in Europe. The family then decided to flee the scene for fear of reprisal. In addition, the Taliban had a strong presence in the area in which the family lived. Over the last few months have been dozens of civilian casualties, as cases of different attacks.