Before he died he said to Soviet spy Sorge

History 23/01/20 That before he died he said to Soviet spy Sorge

the Legendary Soviet spy was executed in November 1944 in a Japanese prison. According to some reports, interrogations Richard Sorge confessed that he did not work for the USSR, and the so-called Comintern. However, the most truthful, generally considered to be the speech of a man on the verge of death. And Sorge knowingly uttered his last words in Japanese.

an Ardent Communist

Communist ideas Richard Sorge became interested in the First world war. Being not only a German by nationality, but in that time already a resident of Germany, in 1914, he went voluntarily to the front, where he participated in military actions against Russia. During battles Sorge got 3 wounds. The third wound was the most serious. The young officer had surgery, but after surgery one leg was shorter than the other 2 and a half centimeters. However, in the hospital, Richard became not only limp but also new views. In the hospital, according to Sergey Novikov, the author of “Great historical encyclopedia”, Sorge approached the German socialists.

following his release, the future scout entered the University of Hamburg: Sorge, passionate about politics, dreamed of becoming a scientist. Moreover, as a student, Richard joined the Communist party of Germany. If you believe the Maxim Makino, author of the book “SMERSH vs abver”, doing the next party mission, in 1924, Richard Sorge was in Soviet Russia. Then, according to ili zhmakina, he was recruited by foreign intelligence service of the USSR. After 5 years down the line of the Comintern (Association of Communist parties), Sorge was sent to China.

Your and others

the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria changed the balance of power in Asia. From this moment all the attention of the scouts was confined to Japan. So in 1933, Richard Sorge was recalled from China andpustya some time seconded to the country of the Rising sun. At first, Sorge worked flawlessly: he was able to join the alien to the society and even got a civil wife-Japanese. However, all this did not last long. According to Anatoly Tereshchenko, in his book “the Ruins of incompetence”, the wave of repression swept and residency Sorge. Agents Richard began to suspect in the so-called service “under the hood”. Sorge tried to return to Moscow, but replacing him was not.

So Richard Sorge remained in Japan. And in June 1941 for the words of the wolf Aachen, the author of the book “Witch’s cauldron” on the Eastern front”, “Communist machinations” was detained one of the employees Sorge, ito ritsu. Ito gave his “accomplices” and soon were taken into custody radioman Clausen and Sam Sorge. As a result, in 1942 the last was sentenced to death. Elena Prudnikova, author of the book “Richard Sorge. A stranger among us”, believes that the Japanese side wanted to exchange prisoners in the Soviet Union Japanese spies in Sorge. How else to explain the fact that the sentence was executed only 2 years later?

the Death penalty

All this time, Richard Sorge was languishing behind bars. However, he tried to fight for his life. At least, according to Alexander Witkowski, the author of the book “secrets of the KGB”, the scout’s lawyers filed the appeal. However, lawyers are late, the Tribunal simply did not warn them about the last date of application. And this fact, even in the opinion of modern Japanese writers, was a clear violation and should be interpreted exclusively in favor of the accused. In addition, according to Witkowski, wine Sorge was not at all proven. However, on the morning of 7 November 1944, Richard Sorge was killed in prison “Sugamo”.

Before execution, if you believe Leonid Mlechin, the author of the book “History of foreign intelligence”, Sorge behaved very bravely. Moreover, he carefully prepared for death, but rather to his last words. As proofstva can cite the fact that Richard Sorge was not as strong in Japanese as, say, in English or Chinese, but those 3 sentences he said it was the language of the country of the Rising sun. He wanted to have his speech memorized all who were there. Says Noel Voropaev in his book “Markus wolf”, Sorge said, “long live the Soviet Union! Long live the Red army! Long live the Communist international!”

Yulia Popova

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