Celebrities, Actor Robert Downey, jr., aged 54, has a heart-warming accolade to receive from his ex-wife, singer Deborah Falconer. While their divorce in 2004, with a great deal of hassle involved.But look, now She just another in a positive and grateful terms about the ‘Iron Man’star.

‘ Robert, the life of a 26-year-old son Indio were saved,” said Deborah. “I can’t thank you enough. Out of all people, and out of all people only have to ensure that it Located now, is still alive. Our son was completely under the spell of the drugsdemonen, and it was to Robert that they had driven off!”

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Indio (25), who has a career and is trying to build up as a rock musician, had a serious cocaine addiction. So when Robert, who had once been by being taken into the jail, he saw how serious the situation was, he accepted his responsibility.

‘ Robert is our son by the hand, and give him a personal visit to the rehab brought in,” said She. “To be Located and to prove that they are in this struggle not only had to perform, there was Robert, there is a considerable amount of the session. Located was, at one time, a wreck, a pitiful heap of misery at the door of death, aanklopte. We were taking him to his own devices, or only counted on the help of professionals, then we should let him out.”

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