(Dhaka) At least 19 people died Sunday in Bangladesh and 12 others were seriously injured in the accident of a bus, which crossed a freeway barrier before plunging into a ditch, according to a new report from the police .

“The death toll has risen to 19 [dead]. At least 12 people are seriously injured. They were transferred to Dhaka University Hospital in the capital,” said Masud Alam, a local police chief.

The tragedy occurred in Shibchar, a district in the south of the country.

Police suspect the driver lost control of the vehicle at 8:00 a.m. (10:00 p.m. Eastern Time) and smashed through a guardrail on a newly constructed major highway, causing the coach to fall nine meters over down.

Road accidents are common in Bangladesh, due to poor maintenance of vehicles and tracks, but also lack of driver training.

According to the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, 9,951 people died in road accidents in the country last year, a record high.