Bandera on Monday, as they defeated the NKVD in the Great Patriotic

History 08/02/20 Bandera on Monday, as they defeated the NKVD during the Great Patriotic

the Civil war in Ukraine in 2014 has provoked the rejection of the residents of the South-East of Western nationalist ideology. Bandera in the Donbass remembered well from the times of the great Patriotic war. In those years the movement of Ukrainian nationalists was successfully suppressed by the NKVD.

the Ukrainian nationalists in the Donbas

the Roots of nationalist and collaborationist movement in the Donbass partly lie in the prewar policies of the Soviet government. After the annexation of Western Ukraine in 1939, thousands of residents of Galicia were moved to the industrial regions of the Southeast. It was assumed that the peasants, suffering from years of Polish oppression, will be good miners who successfully integrate into the Soviet society. However, when after 2 years the Great Patriotic war, many of the immigrants who entered the ranks of nationalist groups, have become a headache for the NKVD. Agents “of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists”*, arrived in Stalino simultaneously with the Nazis in the autumn of 1941, found in the person of fellow countrymen “finished” shots. The settlers hated the Soviet regime for the imposition of hard labour standards, yesterday’s unusual for individual farmers.

In the book of Peter Lavriv “History of South-Eastern Ukraine” States that in the Donbass views OUN* sympathized with 10 thousand people. However, taking into account the information the author, you need to consider that he supports Bandera and believed that they were fighting primarily against the Nazis. In fact until the very end of the occupation of Donbas residents of the OUN(b)* served as policemen and helped the Germans steal the population for work in Germany. Although the “collaborationist resource” in the Donbas exceeded the number of red partisans, to talk about the broad support of the nationalism of the local population impossible. This version adheres to, for example, the American specialist John Armstrong.

the elimination of the Bandera underground

the security officers began to fight with Bandera in the period of German occupation. A key role is played embedded in the regional “wire” OUN* employee Stalinist regional management of the NKVD, the novel Holovaty, known as “Doroshenko”. According to current legend, he was the head of the chemistry Department of the medical Institute, and at the end of the 1930-ies have suffered from repression. In 1941 Holovaty-“Doroshenko” playing the intellectual-nationalist, gave a warm welcome marching band Bandera under the leadership of Vladimir Bulgarian. Over time, the NKVD had actually become one of the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists, and knew of all their plans. Holovaty has been trying to direct the activity of the Bandera to fight with the Germans.

“the information agent “Doroshenko” in October 1943, the KGB had eliminated district 5 “wires” OUN* in the district of Stalino and took control of the city organization of the OUN*” — writes researcher Alexey Martynov from the Donetsk national University.

After the liberation of Donbass, the KGB conducted a large-scale special operations aimed at liquidation of the nationalist underground. By this time in the region was only a few hundred active OUN members* who do not retreat to the West, together with Vladimir Bulgarian. Immediately after the expulsion of the Germans arrested 150 people involved in the nationalist movement. And in the years 1944-1946, according to the calculations of the Donetsk historian Vladimir Nikolsky, the NKGB arrested in connection with OUN* 80 people in the Stalin region, and 34 – in the Voroshilovgrad region. It is noteworthy that some of the detainees were ethnic Russian.

the Problem of Ukrainian nationalism remained in the Donbas and after the war. Despite the sad experience, the policy of resettlement here of people from the Western regions of Ukraine continued near Donetsk there were entire stoleeasyone village. In addition, in the Donbass preferred to settle the post-Gulag Bandera, who could return to the West.

* this organization is banned in the Russian Federation.

Timur Sagdiyev

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