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the Career of Mir Jafar Abbas oglu Baghirov (that’s his full name) flourished under Stalin. It is noteworthy that the Azerbaijani was among the few high-ranking Soviet leaders, not only survived all the Stalinist purges of the party apparatus, but also the leader.

he began Beria

Writer, historian, member of the Central Committee of the CPSU Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “the Most closed people. From Lenin to Gorbachev: the encyclopedia of biographies” briefly talks about the life of one of the most odious leaders of Azerbaijan. Bagirov, the son of a peasant in 1917 she trained as a teacher and a teacher in a rural school. After the October revolution he headed the revolutionary Committee in his hometown of Cuba (Baku province). During the Civil war he served in the bodies of the military Tribunal in Azerbaijan and Russia, participated in the suppression of the Astrakhan uprising in 1919.

In the early 1920s led the Azerbaijani Cheka, headed 1921-1927. In the period under Bagirov worked Lavrenty Beria. Subsequently, the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs strongly promoted his former boss and pleaded for him to Stalin. In connection with the “Baku affair” Jafar Bagirov lost his position as chief security officer of the Republic, but in 1929 Stalin in a letter to V. Molotov said that Bagirov is necessary to appoint to the post of head of the KGB of Azerbaijan because he will be able to cope with the “raised his head the Musavat and Azerbaijani ittihadists in the village.”

Copied the manners of a leader

“Azerbaijan by Stalin” in his monograph “Azerbaijan since independence” Bagirov called the Swedish scientist Svante Cornell. Historian Nikolai Zenkovich also noted that Bagirov copied the manner of Stalin – the walk, the reticence, the habit of going out of the cockpitthe one in the middle. Since the early 1930-ies largely thanks to the support of Lavrenty Beria career Azerbaijani promptly went up. For cruelty in repression in the Republic the philosopher and historian Dmitry Furman christened already Bagirov, “Azerbaijan Beria”. In 1933 Bagirov, head of the Communist party of Azerbaijan, and has held the position for 20 years, until the death of Stalin.

whether he was the initiator of repression

the Doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Baku state University Eldar R. Ismailov believes that one Jafar Bagirov cannot shoulder the entire blame for mass terror in Azerbaijan during the repression of the 1930-ies: the main Azerbaijani Republic was only “inspired by the instructions of the Center”.

From the published correspondence between Stalin and Bagirov shows that Azerbaijan “father of Nations” showed little attention, and Bagirov, conducting cleaning in the Republic, asked for more and more “limits” on the arrests and executions of “enemies of Soviet power”. According to the greater Soviet Encyclopedia, during 1937-1938 in Azerbaijan as a result of repression, killing about 70 thousand people.

he was accused

a month after the death of Stalin, Bagirov was removed from the post of first Secretary of the Communist party of Azerbaijan, and a year later he was remanded in custody. In that time it has arrested the patron Saint of Lawrence Beria, Bagirov, and wrote the Eldar Ismayilov, “Azerbaijan Stalin” “felt something” (as he himself said, according to the memoirs of contemporaries).

At the beginning of may, 1956 against Bagirov and another five former senior officials of the NKVD (MVD) of Azerbaijan Supreme court of the USSR was the verdict. Four people, including Bagirov, was sentenced to death, and Stepan Yemelyanov and Agha Salim Atakishiev at different times held the post of interior Minister of Azerbaijan SSR received 25 years (one stayed in camps 14 years, the other is 13).

Judging by the text of the verdict (he published), Jafar Baghirov was accused, first, of a criminal connection with “the” Musavat “party” Lavrenty Beria (since the 1920s), and second, the organization of illegal arrests of prominent Azerbaijani figures (in the case of many such episodes with the transfer of the repressed). Subordinate Baghirov was accused of numerous fraud criminal cases under the authority of the first Secretary of the Central Committee and unlawful arrests. Convicted (which, if you believe the content of the sentence, partially admitted his guilt) pleaded for clemency, but their requests were rejected.

Doctor of history Jamil Hasanli in his book “Khrushchev’s thaw and the national question in Azerbaijan” quotes from the speech Bagirov on the court. The defendant, describing the other defendants, complained that overlooked the former senior officials of the NKVD, and claimed that it is not enough to shoot or hang, and should be drawn and quartered.

a Few years ago, the relatives Bagirov found the place where he buried the body shot by Mir Jafar. Was conducted a DNA examination has confirmed that it is his remains. They were reburied in a Baku cemetery. Ten years ago in Azerbaijan even began to walk the talk of a possible rehabilitation of Beria and Bagirov, it has been suggested that the relatives of these leaders could address these motions. However, as to the personality of Beria, the Military Collegium of the Supreme court rendered a decision on the impossibility of rehabilitation in 2002. Bagirov also in the post to rehabilitate officially no one asked.

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