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03/01/20 history As the story of a Tibetan Lama “coded” Vysotsky from alcohol

As is often the case among creative people, Vladimir Vysotsky was distinguished by the love of strong drink. Unfortunately, this was one of the links in the chain of events that led to the death of the great actor and poet.

Craving for alcohol not just let Vysotsky. Essayist, literary critic, literary critic and historian Boris Sokolov says in his book “Suicide of Vladimir Vysotsky” that the actor and musician, exposed to the pernicious habit, not just quit drinking. But during periods of hard drinking could drink to a state close to death.

Once, during a performance of drunk Vysotsky, who played Kerensky, fell on the stage. Two hours before the performance Vysotsky and artist Igor Pushkarev and drank brandy. Relatively few – hundred grams.

“Volodya came to the podium with a characteristic gesture – hand over the coat, stood a little and flat, completely covering his face, collapsed to the stage,” recalls Pushkarev.

a Similar event and remembers a famous actor of theatre and cinema Zolotukhin. Emerged on the scene Vysotsky was so drunk that confuse the text, and barely kept on his feet. The Director rushed to help Zolotukhin, who had replaced Vysotsky in the second act of the play “Ten days that shook the world”.

the Body of Vladimir Vysotsky weakened not only from alcohol but also from drugs, to which he became addicted during attempts to quit drinking. According to the memoirs of his second wife, actress Lyudmila Abramova, amphetamines he brought from France, Marina Vlady. Then the drug has been poorly studied and sold in the usual pharmacies. Vysotsky was giving myself injections, which relieved him from the craving for alcohol, but firmly hooked to the needle…

She Vlady also suffered from alcoholism of her husband. It has even come to the point that she once took him to Paris to one well-known Tibetan monk, who was in the French capital. He told Haccomo this parable:

One day the young monk walked in front of the widow’s house. Evening, mountains, nowhere to sleep, he decided to enter the house. The widow had locked it and said, “I’m not letting you out until you spend the night with me, or not drink wine, or don’t kill my goat”.
the Young monk didn’t know how to be. Giving the vow of celibacy, he could not afford to spend the night with her. Giving a vow of sobriety, he could not afford to drink. And certainly he could not encroach on someone else’s life.

But we must choose. After painful deliberation he decided that wine drinking is the least of these sins. And he drank of the wine. And then spent the night with a woman and the next morning killed a goat.

it is said that upon hearing this parable Vysotsky thought hard for a long time and quit drinking. However, this did not prevent the great actor from the sad fate. Drug dependence, which was Vysotsky, trying to get away from the “green dragon”, ruined a talented person finally.

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