As deception designer Mikhail Kalashnikov changed his life

History 13/02/20 As cheating designer Mikhail Kalashnikov changed his life

the Legendary designer of the famous machine, twice Hero of Socialist Labour and Hero of the Russian Federation, the winner of the highest prizes of the USSR and Russia’s Mikhail Kalashnikov was born in Kurya village, Altai province. But 11 years later his family had to start life anew in the harsh conditions of Tomsk region.

Mikhail Kalashnikov was the second to last of 18 children born in the family of a wealthy farmer of Timofey Aleksandrovich Kalashnikov. As recalled Mikhail Kalashnikov in his autobiographical book, “Path of destiny”, the ancestors of his father lived in the village of Otradnoye of the North Caucasus, and their names were a Kalashnikov, which they changed to Russian manners at the end of the XIX century. The grandson of the rural teachers, Timothy A. the family was poor, so his fiancee Alexandra Frolovna Kaverina married him for love, against the wishes of parents, who had a prosperous farm.

“Married.. my parents immediately began to build his home – the usual for those places Adobe (turnkey) house “the hut”, brought cattle,” writes the designer. The farm gradually grew stronger, but the land was not enough. Then, with the start of the Stolypin reforms, Timofei Alexandrovich with his wife and three children decided on an abrupt change in fate: “In the beginning of 1910 there was a rumor about the distribution of the peasant families of the earth in the distant Siberia… Decided on the great migration and Kalashnikovs: a young family and my father’s parents – Alexander and Katerina Petrova. Of course, I was sorry to leave his native village and to part forever with numerous relatives, but they began to gather in the street. The road was far, and to take only need to the most valuable basic: peasant equipment, grain and clothes. The rest they gave to the families “for storage” until such time as in Siberia and make a fortune back home to Otradnoe. They then wanted to believe this”.

According to the recollections of older sisters Mikhail Kalashnikov, has reached a new residence for almost a month and a half. In the village of Kurya in the Altai parents Kalashnikova have chosen a plot of land on the banks of the river Lokteva, where he built a house and a farmstead, started a garden, began to till the ploughing and rearing cattle. Soon after the revolution, on 10 November 1919 came to light and Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. Of his brothers and sisters more than half died in infancy, so of the 18 children in the family were only eight, and he himself Mikhail Kalashnikov was a child, frail, has survived rather miraculously.

the Next twist in the lives of families Kalashnikovs happened in 1930, when the village of Kurya, began an active struggle with the “kulaks”. Kalashnikov recalled: “the village began to come to “special commissioners” who carried out the so-called “Assembly of the poor”. In these meetings they drew up lists of three categories of peasant families: the poor, middle peasants and kulaks. Economy of those who fell in the third category were subject to confiscation, and all family members must be sent to the Northern regions of Siberia”. The third category, tagging and Kalashnikovs. As told in one of interview the head of the memorial Museum “NKVD Remand prison” in Tomsk Vasily Khanevich, even kept a card of expulsion Kalashnikovs from the Altai in Tomsk oblast. According to Mikhail Kalashnikov, his elder brother Victor who avoided expulsion, have been sent for the construction of the Belomorkanal, where attempts to flee spent seven years instead of three.

“Seven Kalashnikovs were exiled in Bakcharsky district. Then it was the Narym district e-mail district, the village of lower moss. This village no longer exists. When they arrived, apparently, was very simple, his father. He died and was buried here in the cemetery at the Bottom of moss, but the cemetery is gone, and the grave was not preserved”, — told reporters the Director of the Bakchar Museum Alexander Bogatyrev.

the Altai Republic Mikhail Kalashnikovu managed to come back after the seventh grade. To get a job, he had to forge the seal of a local commandant in the certificate necessary for obtaining a passport – the son of a kulak help to give is not wanted.

“That’s the way I was once deceived the Soviet power to the rest of his life to serve her people,” – said in an interview, Mikhail Kalashnikov, confessing that half of my life then was afraid that the mystery will be revealed – even when he received the Star of Hero and was elected Deputy of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR. But with this little cheat Kalashnikov took a job at the railway station where he received first knowledge of technology, passion which made him a legendary gun inventor, giving him the opportunity to perpetuate the name of their parents.

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