On Tuesday night, left-wing extremists apparently carried out an arson attack on the private car of a state security investigator from the Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA). They also threaten to go further in their attacks. First the “B.Z.” reported.

The Brandenburg police reported on Tuesday that a car had caught fire around 1 a.m. early Tuesday morning. The flames had spread to another car, both vehicles were badly damaged. The car that was set on fire belongs to a 53-year-old Berlin LKA officer who lives in Brandenburg. The Berlin police are familiar with the case, but are investigating in Brandenburg.

In a letter of confession that was published on the Internet, the perpetrators comment on the arson attack. Accordingly, they scouted the official extensively, spied on her private address and her everyday habits. The perpetrators also threaten to use other means. They would have limited themselves to “causing property damage to their car”, even “if we know their exact address and could have met them physically and more directly,” the letter says.

The actions of those responsible for “the repressive apparatus” demand consequences. They – the perpetrators – could enforce this “with the means we have chosen”. They would have thousands of police officers “more in view than they would probably like”. They would have to reckon with “that we will also come to them”.

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The officer is a clerk in the state security department of the LKA in the area of ​​”politically motivated crime – left”. In March, she testified as a witness in a trial into acts of violence at a 2016 demonstration. At that time there were massive riots. The reason for the demonstration was a police operation in the partially occupied house at Rigaer Strasse 94 in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

In the Berlin police, there is great horror at the arson attack on the officer’s private car. “This is a massive attack on the private sphere and we expect Berlin’s politicians to show their colors and name this terrorism as such,” said Stephan Weh, head of the police union (GdP). “We are shocked by this incredibly perfidious act and hope that it will not leave any lasting traces on our colleague.”

And the GdP country head said: “We also have to talk about the fact that data protection is always being put forward in our country, but at the same time private addresses of our colleagues are always being presented to serious criminals.”

The deputy head of the Berlin SPD parliamentary group, Tom Schreiber, said: “An absolutely perfidious act. I condemn that in the strongest possible terms. ”His solidarity applies to the LKA officer and her family. “Left-wing extremists are enemies of democracy,” said Schreiber.