Heusden-Zolder, belgium, The 31-year-old artist, Arno Barzan, who, in August, a severe fire in Beringen survived to adulthood, and aims to be as fast as possible and get back to work. “Mentally, he’s still hard.” said his father, Nando. His colleagues are Chris and Benni died in the fire.

Severe burns over his entire back, arms, and hands. Those are the serious injuries that Arno is a physical or fire in Beringen at the beginning of August. Together with his team, he went for the rather mundane ” a fire in a vacant building, and to the body.

However, he and his colleagues, Benni, Chris, were surprised by the flashover.De the temperature rose at some places in the burning building, up to 1200 degrees Celsius. “The burns are that Arno’s life, it is the result of the on-site heat,” says his father, Nando.

He asked with a small heart on his or her fire-fighter should be one of us.

Nando, the father of Arno,

“According to the readings should be in the neighborhood of 900 degrees Celsius in here. His body was all sweaty, and that sweat is hard to let it heat up. He is supposed to be “cooked” in his suit is set.His injuries, however, require a slow process of healing in the world. He has already had five surgeries behind him, and continued to be happy one should be spared from infection. The doctor who is on the Arno’s going to ensure, is also not on a time schedule, but the healing process is going in the right direction.”


It’s the mental aspect is an entirely different matter. “With the loss of two of our colleagues, and, then, the immense pain, especially in the first couple of weeks (Yes, it’s very hard times. Arno is talking much about the accident and about the loss. But as he pushes himself into the background, and it wants all of the attention is given to the women and children of Chris and Benni go. He’s so hard on them.”

On his hands and knees to find it they could easily go outside to crawl.

Nando, the father of Arno,

Chris and Arno, and had, just prior to the flash-over occurred, through the monitor to look for the trouble spots. “Chris has had on him is still pointed out, where there will be heat in the building. Arno is sprayed with water in that direction. Benni was very close, and it’s just all three of them by surprise.”


Arno, and was able to crawl all over the floor, luckily they found it and the going out of their way to find. “It’s not minutes, but seconds to close. That is, it is extremely difficult to deal with. We have to assume that something had to give, but what we don’t know yet. He asked with a small heart with his girlfriend, and myself, and his mother, or he a fire fighter to be proud of. “Of course,” we said. Fire fighters do not seek compromise, they have to rescue people from precarious situations. The traffic is much more dangerous.”