History 22/02/20 “Alpine fortress”: the main hiding places of the Third Reich

In any aggressive war in any country of the aggressor always accumulate significant wealth, taken from the occupied territories: gold, art objects and collectibles, the sacred relics. However, when approaching the inevitable collapse, the question arises of how to reliably hide the stolen treasure. Thought about it, and the leaders of the Third Reich.

Mountain fortress

the Nazis were a few places where they hoped to save in Europe and the Soviet Union values. Some of them went to Antarctica on the territory of which the Germans built an underground city “Berlin 211”, as well as countries in South America under the wing of a friendly fascist regimes. The second part of the treasure under guard was moved to the so-called “Alpine fortress”. The Nazis were convinced that the fortified area at the intersection of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps allied troops can not take. In extreme cases, values could quickly “evacuate” in neutral Switzerland, located at the foot of the mountains. While there was a war in the Alps were gradually taken out of the family and the personal belongings of the leaders of the Third Reich and their entourage. This also was forwarded an impressive stock of counterfeit banknotes in most European countries and machines for their production. “Alpine fortress” with its castles, forests, mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks was the perfect place for the construction of caches.

Caches the Third Reich

In April 1945, the last thousands of trucks Laden with treasure under guard of the SS went to the Alps. What a lot of money was hidden in the mountains, can be seen in one of the caches discovered hot on the trail in may 1945. From the salt mine allied troops recovered to the surface values of 100 000 000 000 marks. There in the mountains in a garden Villa and Kaltenbrunner were found the treasure, estimated at 1 000 000 000 marks. Next door in the castle Neuhausen confiscated a unique collection of paintings from European museums, looted by the Nazis. From the salt mine Makers was removed about 100 tons of gold. According to experts of 500 billion francs, which have appreciated the treasures of the Third Reich a substantial portion was sent to the Alps and is situated in its recesses so far. This list of noble metals, precious stones, objects of art and luxury, removed from Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union.

After the war, American intelligence has arrested one suspicious of the Germans, who found an impressive list of treasures, located in one of the caches. His inventory is striking: 166 of 250 000 Swiss francs, 018 299 300 us dollars, 31 351 250 000 in gold bars, 2 949 100 in diamond, 93 450,000 in collectible stamps and art objects 5 425 000 000 in drugs. However, to clarify in which currency was denominated in gold, diamonds and art objects to install failed.

the investigators identified the Soviet Union and American troops, such caches in the Alps was set. Only one Nazi war criminal Eichmann, captured by Israeli special forces in 1960-m to year, confessed that he had buried in the Alpine meadows of 19 billion francs. At the same time the most valuable items found themselves in the mountain recesses, are considered sacred Christian relics collected by Hitler from all over the world.

Among them was “the Spear of the Third Distillate”, stolen by the Nazis from the Vienna Museum, better known as the spear Longinus, with which he pricked crucified on the cross of Jesus Christ. Special containers were kept flap of the tablecloth from the last Supper, a tooth of John the Baptist and many other valuable relics.

When it was certain that the main recesses, immured in the mountain caves, located in the Alps near the town of Gastein, Salzburg and Salzkammergut. However, the treasure hunters don’t even PYmelt to look for them. In the area where the suspected caches are, are just three of the mountain pass. They are perfectly visible and controlled. By a strange coincidence the majority of enthusiasts trying to look for where German treasure was tragically killed.

This is not surprising, the operation of hiding valuables under the leadership of Otto Skorzeny held his subordinates of the “security housing Alpenland”. In the neighbouring villages were left special agents of the SS, which in the case of wishing to arrogate to itself the treasures of the Third Reich to be destroyed. Given how giant the amounts operated with the Nazis to organize the protection of the treasures, is not difficult.

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