Against whom they fought the destroyer battalions of the NKVD

History 03/02/20 Against whom they fought the destroyer battalions of the NKVD

on 3 July 1941, Stalin announced on the radio: “We must organize a ruthless struggle with all sorts of disrupters of the rear, deserters, panic-mongers, rumor, to destroy the spies, saboteurs, enemy parachutists, rendering all of this a quick promotion for our extermination battalions.” On 24 July, the Council of people’s Commissars has prepared a resolution on the struggle against parachute landings and saboteurs. According to the “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” during the war, the NKVD created $ 1.8 thousand battalions, which were 330 thousand volunteers.

the Creation of assault battalions

the Order of the formation of assault battalions were issued because of the fear of German paratroopers, who had a successful landing in Norway, Holland and Crete. In Russia created a thousand battalions, 657 in Ukraine 78 in Belarus, 63 in Moldova. In the Karelo-Finnish SSR there were 38 units in Estonia 16 battalions.

Divisions took control of buildings, Railways, bridges, power plants, dams and other strategic facilities. They were involved for the protection of public order, investigation, saboteurs and parachutists, and draft Dodgers, deserters. For the execution of the task they were allowed to commandeer civilian cars, horses, motorcycles, boats. In the case of occupation by the Germans of the region, where stationed a battalion of his soldiers were to become the backbone of the future of the guerrilla group.

those Who served in fighter battalions

In each administrative district created fighter battalion staff strength from 100 to 200 men with rifles, revolvers, grenades and machine guns 2 unit. Recorded in battalions citizens, for different reasons granted deferral from conscription into the army. For example, working on strategically important production. According to the memoirs of the Leningrad writer, DMitria Shcheglov in his platoon were professors, engineers, heads of institutions, actors, accountants, typesetters text.

the personnel served without interruption, and was going for surgery the alarm. Part of the soldiers who worked shift were transferred to the barracks and was considered to be operatives. From the work the soldiers were released only for guards and patrols. Supervised the battalions operatives of the NKVD or militia, and they obeyed the NKVD and local Communist party Committee.

As he fought destroyer battalions

the hardest battalions had in the first year of the war, when the German high command actively throwing in the Soviet rear saboteurs. On July 4, 1941 Gomel volunteers were detained in the district of the regional Telegraph four saboteurs in the form of the red army. For a month, they arrested 44 people, of which 10 agents tried to blow up a railway bridge. Many were detained during the transmission of the light signals of the Nazi bombers.

near the village of Pin fighter battalion survived the battle with a group of saboteurs, dressed in the uniform of the NKVD. Cahul detachment of the Moldavian SSR through observers spotted dropping parachutists. During the RAID, three Germans killed, seven captured.

the Fighter battalion of the city of Medvezhyegorsk not allow undermining Finnish saboteurs gateways of the white sea-Baltic canal. Known case of confrontation of civilians against the German paratroopers took place on 22 July 1941, near the Belarusian village of Volozhin. To defeat the enemy troops moved to the local NKVD, police and party activists armed with rifles and Molotov cocktails. The squad managed to perform the task, but in the battle with the Germans killed 16 people. A similar clash occurred in the town of Vawkavysk.

For the defense of Moscow from the enemy paratroopers were involved 26 thousand fighters, and the number of staff of each battalion were brought up to 500 people. Armed with moskowski fighters there were 20 thousand rifles, 600 machine guns, cannons, tanks, armored cars and 130 motorcycles. Fighters of one of battalions were able to destroy an abandoned suburb of the capital of the 9th company of regiment Brandenburg.

Proved destructive battalions in the Caucasus. Together with the NKVD they fought against banditry, catching deserters and agents of the German intelligence service, were scouts in the personnel parts and guides in the mountains.

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