The FDP warns that the traffic light coalition will take further steps in reforming immigration into the labor market by the end of the year. “There will also be a real turning point here if we correct the historical mistake of the Union, which has not touched on the topic,” said the FDP parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Christian Dürr, the Tagesspiegel. “It’s one of the big projects that the coalition has to pull off.”

His request is primarily aimed at the Greens after Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) introduced the first measures to change lanes in employment policy. Dürr expects Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to “make Germany’s diplomatic missions fit so that it doesn’t take weeks and months to issue visas”.

Domestically, the competent authorities would have to be better networked. “There is too much bureaucracy preventing people from working. We must end this situation. This is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.”

Everyone involved should be aware of the importance of this project, Dürr said. “We are showing that the traffic light is an alliance that does not agree on the lowest common denominator, but really wants to achieve something.”

With a view to the coalition dispute over the 2023 federal budget (the coalition committee is meeting on Wednesday), Dürr said: “In view of the currently high inflation, the state must not also be a driver of inflation. But it would if we significantly increased spending and also took on new debt to do so.”

Therefore, his party is insisting “that the debt brake will come into effect again from next year,” said the FDP politician. There are voices in the SPD and Greens to expand borrowing in the coming year.

The Corona economic crisis has not yet been overcome, but the dimensions no longer justify suspending the debt brake. “No new excuses should be sought now. And if the unforeseen happens, the debt rule is flexible.”

With a view to autumn and the increasing number of corona cases, the leader of the Liberal parliamentary group also announced further corona protection measures. “With regard to the protective measures, we will find out which measures are effective on June 30th as part of the evaluation report of the Corona Expert Committee,” said Dürr.

The FDP wanted to be guided by the report, but before that the FDP politician did not want to commit himself to individual protective measures: “It would be nonsense if politicians now decided on protective measures before the non-partisan expert recommendations were available.”

And further: “We cannot decide on fundamental rights restrictions for fun and frolics.” In addition to protective measures, Dürr sees further preparations for the fall as necessary. “The state must now prepare well for autumn and winter, above all in organizational terms.” This includes digitizing the health authorities or sensible virus variant screening. “The state has to get better there, that’s the job of the Minister of Health,” Dürr told the Tagesspiegel.