Kallo, A Bulgarian truck driver’s Monday, as if by magic, without a single effectively of a major accident and ended up in Kallo. The cab was scrap is reduced, and the man walked, did not have any injuries that have occurred.

The accident happened at around half past eleven in the Kruipin in the port of antwerp. The truck driver was in his own words, suddenly to avoid a truck that is getting in the swing was gone. Then throw two of his trucks that are parked along the road there. In addition, the driver’s compartment of the Bulgarian truck is completely torn open, just like in the trailer of one of the trucks and lorries. Several witnesses, fearing immediately the worst and alerted the emergency services. They were rushed to the spot with the premise that it is difficult for liberation that would follow. To their surprise, it was the truck driver, upon arrival of the fire brigade, next to his truck waiting for us. The drivers of the two trucks trucks in their truck and were on their mind, were not injured. The traffic in this busy part of the harbour, was for some time affected by the accident.