Champions League final-Ai, – ai, Eden. While Courtois in the Madrid press this time, praised be, and now, Eden Hazard head on. However, despite his assist, which is, however, well, it was a very important goal of the night in the room. But it is a grievous mistake after the break, it will be dramatically magnified. Especially, AS it retrieves the hakbijl, above: “it is Not what you set out to be a man of more than eur 100 million are expected.”

below is picture of the Switch that follows it (but not scores on an empty goal, of course, is grist to the mill of the critics. “The miss of the season”, it could be that the soon be found on twitter. Don’t worry, You’ll still have a lot of the larger errors seen in this season, but is using the spotlight to detail is on him, it was an action that the Switch is still some time to pursue. Very useful, and, in his well-known style, neil Moments gedribbeld, and further, the cover strip has to decide. It’s typical of the still not fully in mind the Switch. This is what ookonze chief football Stephan Keygnaert in the room. “It’s still too much, you know. The switch can also be physically difficult to manage, or so it seems. Very often, he was gasping by bending the knees.”