The cup of belgium, Whether they are in the Champions League, the Jupiler Pro League, or the Croky Cup: the Club continues to frequent failures in front of goal. Instead of from 0 to 10, was it a fuel-efficient is 0 to 3.

The stadionspeaker went into overdrive. As the volume of the sound system. Oh well, everyone to his five minutes of fame are you sure? You never know when the Royal Francs Borains’s festival will be an experience.

one and one-Half hours prior to kick-off was in the stadium for the most part full – time in the team bus at the Club, there was nothing about it. And when it Is, half past nine, and his aanvoerdersband rose, walked to the amateurploeg been a victory lap. Keep up the good Croky Cup. Even if it was just a wooden bench, no table for the laptop, and our part in it. it Will be next week in Madrid, more.