A 24-hour vigil by the “Schools must be different” initiative began on Thursday in front of the Berlin House of Representatives. The group wants to take a stand against cuts in education.

“Our central concern is more money for education,” said spokesman Philipp Dehne. Berlin is currently only training a third of the need for teachers, he criticized, for example.

Budget negotiations of the red-green-red government coalition are currently underway. On Friday, the education budget is also a topic in the education committee of the House of Representatives.

The initiators of the vigil called for people to join the protest for an hour or two or to spend the night in front of the state parliament.

The vigil is scheduled to culminate in a rally at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. An open letter is to be handed over to education and budgetary politicians from the House of Representatives, which the State Parents’ Committee, the School in Need initiative and GEW Berlin, among others, have signed.