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In the community hall of the small town of Louviers in Normandy read has set Ingrid levavasseur in the last row on a plastic chair. Nevertheless, you recognize them immediately, in their yellow vest. In addition, she was recently very often in television. Also on this day, you will be accompanied by a camera team of the station’s TV1 from Paris. The front man of the President, Bruno Questel, Deputy group head of the Macron-party La République en Marche in the national Assembly and a Deputy of the area speaks. He wants to appease his listeners and inform about what the President did everything for the Yellow jackets. “Mrs. Levavasseur, I have four times on the phone with them and they are one of the media Person recognized,” says Questel. Because finally levavasseur raises her Hand and says: “I came to listen to you, Mr. Questel, but you have not said a word about the real Suffering of the people here.” A round of applause.

a Lot more not to have to say levavasseur this evening. You. the people of Louviers, and many in France anyway on your page

The next Morning, Levavasseur, 31, and her mother and stepfather visited. Far out on the flat Norman country, the 53-year-old building contractor Eric Boudier is sitting on the third Saturday of Advent in front of a Cup of coffee and talks about his step-daughter, who was standing just outside the front door, because she’s on the phone with their comrades. Her stepfather watched the young woman sympathetically. “Oh, you know, the revolutions have always begun with the voice of a woman,” he says. “During the popular front in 1936, the women were fighting, in 1968 the students the same thing.” What he wants to say: This Revolution has started with your voice.

Who is nurse levavasseur from the Normandy listening to the sick in the weeks of the social revolt in France, the sensed quickly that President Emmanuel Macron would lose the battle. Only in the small circle of their own family, then on the car rail barricades, and, finally, on TV in front of the whole Nation was talking Levavasseur their President on the wall, until the could not help, as to announce additional social spending over ten billion euros. Many of the yellow West is not enough, but one of them was happy: “Let us over the holidays for a ceasefire to comply with,” wrote Levavasseur on your Facebook page.

Well possible, that the single mother of two children in the future back again in your everyday life. But today levavasseur is a piece of French history. Anyone looking for later to a face for the “Revolution of the middle class”, as the French world economist Élie Cohen has called the current uprising, will fall on you. Who will investigate in a few years the reasons for the first great defeat of the previously acclaimed French President Emmanuel Macron, who will study their Speeches and performances. Maybe she then goes long again to work every day and has no TV appearances and more. But on new year’s day 2019 you is the country-wide known Symbol of that 80 percent of the French, which support the revolt of the yellow West.

“a nurse, 1.250 euros per month, while the shareholders in their pockets” in blue felt-tip letters on Leva was Vasseur’s yellow vest, which she wears every Saturday. You don’t want to stop. The vest is your program. A second, self-written sentence on it: “Macron, the king, holds it with the nobles, while the people’s dreams with an open mouth.” Including a signature: “Recalcitrant, proud Gaul.” With such messages, she has reached the French.

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Levavasseur is wearing the vest in the meantime, like a Uniform. You like this: Since your 13. Years old, she is a volunteer firefighter. There were also uniforms. But how is it managed, that politicians take in their yellow vest, seriously? How could you weaken the Power of Macron?

It wasn’t so hard. The yellow West since the 17th century. November 2018. On this day, a number of individuals in the social networks in France, called for the first Time, to Protest against increased gasoline tax. Also Levavasseur with demonstrated on that day. Since then, the yellow West went on every Saturday on the road. Three weekends in a row, over a hundred thousand people took part in the actions, they blocked the roundabout and motorways in the whole of France. In Paris and other cities, it came to violent riots. In the Wake of the protests, the yellow West expanded their claims to higher remuneration for low-wage earners. What is important is the yellow West, to have enough for a decent life. From their point of view, the present is no longer sufficient low salaries and low pensions, in order to be healthy, to feed the children properly or to heat only the apartment in the Winter.

This article dates back to the TIME no 02/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

also levavasseur stand on a highway barricade in Normandy, to explain from there, the TV channel TF1, the reasons of the yellow West-protest. At the station we found that no one could do it better than you. Levavasseur got from all the languages on the revolt, most of the airtime on TF1. You no demands. You also talked too much about himself. The other yellow vests did either the one or the other. She told but from your environment, the lower middle class. Ten percent of the workers in France earn the minimum wage, and 40 percent of them receive a salary as Levavasseur, of not more exceeds the minimum wage by more than a third. For all of you, half of the employees, language Levavasseur.