The South Korean company Samsung has in its work and workers for illnesses and deaths, sorry. It had been a failure to create a safe work environment in specific factories, it said in a statement. The group has not had to deal with “health dangers adequately,” said Kinam Kim, President of the appliance division of Samsung Electronics, at a press conference in Seoul. On-site activists and relatives of affected workers.

In the past, dozens of employees were suffering from production lines for semiconductor and liquid crystal screens of leukaemia, other brain tumours were diagnosed. During the production of large amounts of chemicals are used.

the first case was in 2007, publicized at that Time, the taxi driver Hwang refused to Gi from Sang for a comparison, the Samsung his family to the Leukämietod his 23-year-old daughter had offered. She had worked in a factory of the group.

Up to 116,000 euros compensation

Hwang was trying to solve the death of his daughter. His efforts justified a broad movement of employees and their families. Their goal was to drag the company and authorities for security vulnerabilities in the Chip and display production to account. To date, approximately 240 people because of their work in Samsung factories sufferers according to the most Active. About 80 of them died.

weeks Ago, the Tech giant and a workers ‘ representative had agreed at the behest of a conciliator on the conditions of the compensation. The group will pay Affected up to 116,000 euros per case. Be covered 16 types of cancer and other diseases.

the payments and the apology of the group is terminated for more than a decade-long dispute.