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read When Hu Mei told a few years ago from her Job, responded, many with admiration: “Oh, wow, you did it” or “In you, I would start like,” it said. The 31-Year-old employee of a Beijing Start-ups, develops online games. Your content finds you okay. Her office is located in the 14. Floor of a brand new high-rise building in the North-West of the city overlooking a Park. On your office days there is a commercial on-site Café with sofa area and a table soccer. Most of the colleagues are in your age.

But in the meantime, she doubts that she has found her dream job. With your work you can normally begins in the morning at nine. In the evening she leaves the office, however, rare before 21 o’clock. And since it is for the route home with the U-Bahn for more than an hour on the road, not creates them, it is often to bed before midnight. On Saturdays she has to work. “996” – Working from nine to nine o’clock, six days a week, without additional pay – even when your in the company of the rule. In your contract of employment, the 40-hour week.

“No sleep, no Sex, no life” headlines Hong Kong published in South China Morning Post and write about for several weeks, growing opposition to the many hours of Overtime, which companies are the most of Chinese Tech is common. On the developer platform GitHub, a group of developers, under the heading “996 in March.Called ICU” in this Protest. The activists have made a “black list” on the Website with around 100 companies, the evidence failed to against hour laws. Including China’s biggest Tech companies Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi and Millions of times the page has been clicked since then.

The additional ICU stands for intensive care unit and plays on the land due to a Revision to the intensive care unit of the hospital. In fact, death were the result of cases of employees in many Tech companies, “long hours of Overtime,” writes the China Daily, a Chinese state newspaper.

“We need not those who work for eight hours,” said Richard Liu, chief of the online retailer and drew the public wrath, as he referred to the activists as idlers. In the center of the criticism of Jack Ma, the CEO of the online retailer Alibaba. The richest man in China called the 996 and the 72-hour week a “great blessing”. Young people should be the culture of Overtime, as in many Tech companies have been prevalent, appreciate and take advantage of. Who to start in his company, should also be willing to work twelve hours a day.

The Chinese government had not expressed its first official. It has not prevented the debate but also, as it is in authoritarian China, otherwise too heated Controversy is often the case. Meanwhile, the announcement of the organs of the Communist leadership have taken a Position in favour of the activists.