Volkswagen wants to save more. In order to create the announced investments in the electric mobility under its own power, limits of the car manufacturer, the offer for customers. “There are model variants, the buy no man,” said Ralf Brandstätter, who as the Chief Operating Officer, day-to-day business of the brand.

the staff there is still ways of saving “along the demographic curve”. Concrete Figures on the already well-known job cuts, but were not called. Talks with the works Council about socially acceptable solutions were conducted, it said. A spokesman for the works Council confirmed the first interviews. However, it is much too early to make statements about orders of magnitude.

More than nine billion euros will flow into the development of E-cars. The now announced additional austerity measures are expected to contribute to 2023 three billion euros. Previously it was known that the end of 2018 will be the annual cost of 2.2 billion euros as previously. By 2020, the costs in Germany should be dropped according to the Plan, then to 3 billion euros.

Six per cent operating return on sales

Above all, the core brand of VW Cars to be faster to be more profitable. Brandstätter announced that the brand in Europe pranks in the next model year, 25 percent of the engine transmission variants. Smaller cars would not be ordered as an entry-level model, often with a manual transmission rather than an automatic. The company will respond now.

“We are confident that we will achieve our goal of an operating margin of at least six per cent in the year 2022, three years earlier than planned,” said the chief financial officer of the brand, Arno face. For a better result, the brand is also the previously agreed austerity measures of the so-called Zukunftspakts.

one of the Pact, the removal of up to 30,000 Digits, of 23,000 of them in Germany. Of 5,600 jobs had already been dismantled, reported by Brandstätter. In addition, he signed, according to 9.300 contracts for old-age part-time scheme. In return, 9000 jobs in the Software and battery development. Of these, 2,000 jobs had been created already.

risk of E-mobility

The E-mobility remains from the point of view of industry expert Stefan Bratzel, but a risk factor. “Volkswagen is lagging behind as other manufacturers in the development,” said the Professor from the Center of Automotive Management, FH Bergisch Gladbach. It is also not clear whether there is the necessary infrastructure of charging stations in the foreseeable future.

However, VW is well positioned. The sun of good decisions in the past. “In addition to the diesel scandal are often forgotten,” said Bratzel. An example of the modular Transverse matrix, which reduces the manufacturing cost. A contradiction he sees in the VW strategy to put in addition to E-cars to large SUV. By 2025 alone, Volkswagen passenger Cars wants to take on the offer at the town site from the current 11 to 30 expand.

For the current year, Volkswagen announced a distribution increase of 1.2 per cent to 5.7 million cars to eleven months. “We 530.000 deliveries are still missing, the record result of last year’s set,” said brands marketing chief Jürgen Stackmann. “According to my current assessment is that we could do that, maybe we are even slightly above.”