Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) wants to strengthen the Rent control again, and by 2025, extend. Your Ministry will submit shortly a draft, said the SPD’s top candidate for the European elections, in an Interview with the ARD magazine Panorama. Barley wants to be, therefore, that landlords brake will have to pay back in a violation of the Rental price in the future, too much received rent retroactively.

“We have found that the point needs to be improved, that tenant may also request retroactive money, and we are going to change,” said the Minister. So far, the tenant can demand a lot of rent paid only from the date returned to notified the landlord. In addition, the Minister wants to implement, according to the report, previous announcements and by 2020, applicable to the rental price brake will extend until 2025.

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Until the end of last year, improvements had been in the rental price brake is approved, the tenants should tenants protect you better and cost jumps. Therefore, landlord, for example, instead of eleven percent may cost only eight percent of the modernization to the tenants kill. “At the time, we implemented what was in the coalition agreement, and now we’re doing what has emerged from our evaluation of the Rent control,” said Barley in their push for a further Change.

Rent control was introduced in June 2015, the rapidly rising Rents to contain popular residential areas. It provides that the rent may not be in the case of new leases more than ten percent of the so-called local comparative rent. There are exceptions in the case of new buildings, renovations, or if the rent of the previous tenant was already higher. Tenant associations criticise that many landlords stopped at the control. Also, local associations are doubts as to the effect of the instrument.