With the facade in the centre of Novosibirsk on the heads of passers-by showered with large pieces of plaster

the day Before, July 31, in the Novosibirsk house on the street Soviet, 15 dropped the pieces of plaster — this time passed by two men.

One of them said that part of the facade touched the back of his friend, he considered that the fallen pieces is a part of the bricks. The management company explained, which crumbled building.

I was right under the balcony where the door is. We were waiting for the acceptance of the goods together with a colleague, and we stood beside this man in blue t-shirt. I heard the sound of something falling, and then covered his head with his hands and started to run to the side. I really was very lucky. And the man came back. Well, not on the head. He is under the affect was not felt pain at the time, but when we went to the store, he was badly hurt, — said the NHS one of the passers-by, introduced himself as Elijah.