(London) Rarely, William and Kate took the tube on Thursday to a London pub where the crown prince and his wife, who seek to project the image of a modern couple close to the people, were cheered by a crowd of onlookers two days before the crowning ceremony of Charles III.

“Breaking: ‘Royals’ visited pub in Soho,” headlined British news channels, broadcasting footage from all angles of the walkabout enjoyed by the most popular couple in the royal family.

William, 40, and Kate, 41, took the tube to this bustling area of ​​central London, known for its nightlife.

The journey – three stops on the very modern Elizabeth Line inaugurated last year – was also widely reported on the news channels.

William and Kate then walked to the pub and enjoyed a long walkabout with hundreds of fans gathered for the occasion. Under the lenses of the cameras, the Prince of Wales then went behind the counter to draw his own pint of beer.

The couple took the opportunity to chat with staff about preparations ahead of the coronation long weekend.

William and Kate, very popular with the British, have the difficult task of rejuvenating a British monarchy which arouses little enthusiasm among the youngest.