Where in Novosibirsk it is possible to learn how to manage their health

How to Wake up every morning full of energy? How to get rid of malaise, apathy, irritability and look younger than your age?

such queries are usually not treated in the clinic because lack of energy is not a disease, and we used to ask for help only when something hurts.

Today, ask these questions to the doctors of the family medicine centers “Toast”. There appeared a new direction — “PROактивная medicine”, whose main goal is to teach everyone to manage their health.

the Difference of direction — a comprehensive, individual, in-depth approach to each patient.

Doctors often PRO unravel the tangles of diseases that have unknown causes and effects.

All the doctors directions PRO have been trained at the International Institute for integrated preventive and anti-aging medicine PreventAge that allows them to look at the patient, not only within my speciality, but to diagnose the organism as a whole.

the Doctors in this direction in developing the recommendations take account of factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, heredity, conditions of work load, emotional state, etc.

the directions PRO a more gentle, natural, drug-free treatment and recovery. Doctors PRO does not just find the true causes of disease and help restore lost health, they also motivate to a healthy lifestyle.