The Eurojackpot, filled with 92 million euros, was not cracked on Tuesday. This means that the next draw this Friday will be for the first time more than 100 million euros, as Westlotto announced in Münster.

After changing the rules of the game, amounts of up to 120 million euros can now be reached instead of the previous 90 million euros. Who is allowed to bet, when do the numbers have to be submitted where and how high is the probability of becoming a multi-millionaire? We have compiled the answers.

There are now two Eurojackpot draws per week – always on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is drawn at 8 p.m. German time under notarial or official supervision in Helsinki, Finland. The game revenues from the 18 participating countries are combined, which is why such high winnings of 10 to 120 million euros can be achieved.

For the main prize, five numbers out of 50 and two so-called Euro numbers out of twelve must be typed correctly.

The next drawing is on Friday 20th May. You can make your selection at the lottery acceptance points and online.

Game participants must be 18 years of age or older.

The stake is two euros per tip. The additional processing fee may vary from region to region. In Berlin, this is 50 cents per lottery ticket.

Each field on a ticket consists of two number blocks. In one block, five numbers out of 50 are ticked, in the other two out of twelve “Euronumbers”. Up to ten of these betting fields can be filled in per betting slip. The number of correct numbers determines in which of the twelve prize categories the participant ends up.

The chance of winning class 1 is about 1:140 million. This roughly corresponds to the chance of winning LOTTO 6aus49.

After the drawing last Tuesday, no player in the 18 European partner countries was able to win first place, worth 92 million euros. As a result, the jackpot rose into the three-digit million range for the first time since the product change at the end of March.

Never before has it been possible to win around 106 million euros in Germany.

The rules of the game for the European lottery have changed since March 25th. The second draw was introduced on Tuesday, the maximum jackpot rose from 90 million to 120 million euros and the payout in the prize categories was increased. The game formula has also been adjusted. So far, the participants chose five out of 50 and two out of ten, now five out of 50 and two out of twelve.

The current jackpot phase is the 100th phase since the lottery started in March 2012. In the previous phases, there were a total of 120 players who received a jackpot. There were multiple hits in the first tier in 14 draws and single winners in 85 jackpot phases.

The drawing of the numbers is left to chance. Nevertheless, professional lottery players look for patterns in order to leave as little as possible to pure luck.

One theory says that you should primarily bet on unpopular numbers, i.e. number or number combinations that have not been drawn for a long time.

The second approach is based on the opposite: numbers that are as popular and frequently drawn as possible should be typed.

34 and 36

4 and 41

19 and 40

7 and 26

5 and 33

6 and 9

6 times

On Tuesday, May 17th, no player in the 18 European partner countries was able to win first place. In second place, a player from North Rhine-Westphalia was able to win EUR 1,534,087.90. He was only missing one more correct “euro number” to crack the euro jackpot.

In the third prize category, 288,384.70 euros each went to Brandenburg, Hesse and again North Rhine-Westphalia. All high profits went to Germany.

Gambling can be addictive. In Germany, gambling addiction is a recognized disease. Pathological gambling is categorized as a behavioral addiction. Any game of chance can trigger problem gambling. According to current study data from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), around 430,000 people in Germany are affected by pathological gambling behavior or addiction.