What battle lost Zhukov in the Great Patriotic

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it’s No secret that the success of military operations depends on many reasons, for example, from the tactics of surprise, climatic conditions, positions, morale. In the career of every warlord there are triumphs and resounding failures. The name of Georgy Zhukov closely connected with the victory in the great War, but not everything in his career was so rosy.

Zvezda commander

Zhukov participated in the First World, the Civil war, but his real star rose in 1939, during operations against Japanese forces in Mongolia when he was the commander of the corps. Competent actions of the Soviet troops in the Halkin-Gol allowed to neutralize the threat from the East. The Japanese began to attack simultaneously with Germany.

the Beginning of the war

At the time of the German attack on the Soviet Union, General Zhukov was the head of the General staff, and in the second half of June he was sent to the southwestern Front. Front this had a slight advantage in the number of technology compared to the Germans. However, the tank battle of Dubno — Lutsk — Rivne, ended June 30, 1941, ended a serious defeat of the red Army. Poor coordination of forces, little experience of soldiers and competent actions of the Germans led to the defeat. The Germans, though delayed, but managed to capture Kiev.

In late July, Georgy removed from the post of chief of the General staff and sent to the commander of the Reserve Front. The red Army succeeded in the liberation of Yelnya in the Smolensk part of the operation, but the 23-I and 43-I army was unable to conduct a proper offensive. In addition, the battles have taken a heavy toll among the Soviet soldiers.

Unsuccessful breakthrough

In September 1941, Zhukov before the task was to break through the German encirclement of Leningrad and to connect with parts of the G. I. Kulik, which was not done. Some historians, however, believe that Georgy Polopresumably influenced the mobilization of forces required to hold Leningrad. After the momentous Battle for Moscow is the future along with Marshal Konev and Purkaev commanded the counter-offensive, known in historiography as the first and second Rzhev-Sychevka strategic operations. The plan was to capture and hold strategically important cities of Kalinin (Tver) and Smolensk regions, for example, of Rzhev. The first operation ended in October of 1942, was a complete failure, Rzhev was captured, but then lost again. The front has managed to “move” only 30 km away.

the Second phase of operation of the Kalinin and Western Fronts with the code name “Mars”, which lasted from 25 November to 20 December 1942, also did not reach the target, but the exhausted forces of the 9th army of army group “Center” in the Rzhev-Vyazma bridgehead and not given to throw additional forces the enemy to Stalingrad.

great Patriotic war

failed and Zhukov held in February-April 1943 operation called “the North Star”, designed to liberate the Leningrad region and Pskov from the invaders and throw them in the Baltic States. The number of casualties reached 250-280 thousand soldiers. It is noteworthy that Zhukov himself in his memoirs paid to stay in the North-West of the country only a few lines.

In January 1943, Zhukov was Marshal. Under his command of the 1st Ukrainian front reached the Carpathians, the troops of the 1st and 2nd Belorussian fronts conducted a successful operation “Bagration”. Then there was the liberation of Warsaw and the attack on Berlin.

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