The annual sale of military goods and services has increased for the third Time in a row. As the Stockholm peace research Institute (Sipri) announced that sold the world’s 100 largest defence companies in the year 2017 Goods and services with a total value of 398,2 billion US dollars (350 billion euros) – and, thus, 2.5 percent more than in the previous year and 44 percent more than in 2002.

At the top of the global arms producers and companies from the USA, the benefit, according to Sipri, especially of the orders of the government are, therefore, again. This is also why the 42 in the ranking of the listed companies increased their sales by two percent and 57 percent of all global arms sales. With sales of around € 39 billion Lockheed Martin, the largest arms company in the world.

First Russian companies in the Sipri have taken ranking the second place and the UK, overhauled, which had occupied that rank since 2002. The producers from Russia increased their production by 8.5% and a total share of 9.5 percent, so a value equivalent to 33 billion euros. Some of the ten listed Russian corporations were able to record, therefore, even increases of 22 percent and 25 percent. In consequence, a Russian actor-the state – owned defence firm Almaz-Antei in Moscow is conducted in the Sipri report, for the first time – among the first ten of the largest weapons producers. Almaz-Antei manufactures, among other things, ultra-modern air defense systems.

“In General, has increased arms sales of Russian companies since 2011, reflecting the increased expenditure of Russia for the procurement of weapons for its armed forces,” the report says. Accordingly, Russia in the year 2007 began with an Initiative, the strengthening of the domestic defense industry. The process should be completed soon.

For experts from Sipri, the development is not surprising. “Many countries are modernizing their weapons systems,” says Aude Fleurant. “This has been planned for a Long time, and goes over a long period of time.” Contributed to the increase in the demand for modern systems of conflicts in certain countries, Fleurant, but. The claim of the United States for higher Nato-contributions of European countries in the data, however, still readable.

Highlight the increase in sales of Turkish players in the year 2017 to 24 compared to the previous year, according to Sipri. The development reflected the ambitions of Turkey to be less dependent on foreign suppliers, said Pieter Wezeman, who had co-written the study. Chinese companies in the Sipri report, due to unreliable statistics did not apply.

In Europe remains the UK’s largest arms supplier, with a share of nine percent. The four German arms-producing companies increased their production by ten percent – thus, Germany has a share of 2.1 per cent of global arms sales. Overall, the listed 24 armor companies increased in Western Europe, its sales by 3.8 percent to 94.9 billion US dollars (83,7 billion euros). You have mastered this means that almost a quarter of the market.