La Liga Convince you didn’t win, though. FC Barcelona has it’s own home with a 2-1 taken from the right next. Lionel Messi has stood out for the first time at the kick-off after the kuitblessure, but that was during the injury to stay inside. Griezmann, and Arthur was quick to double the lead. Santi Cazorla took the 2-1-final position of the board.

Lionel Messi moést, and it would have been a team, after a mere 7 to 15 and back to success. And did it really fast. After just six minutes, said Griezmann, a corner of his Argentina captain at the nets. Perfect start for the home side in the ‘old’ Camp Nou – the stadium, it was exactly 62 years ago, will be officially opened.

No need to push it came to champions league semi-final, at the quarter of an hour, also at 2-0. Arthur, But drew from more than 25 of. Are the level up in the upper left-hand corner. Villareal goalkeeper Asenjo had no chance. The Blaugrana took the thing back and it seemed to double the lead to the rest. But it was Santi Cazorla are expected. A zwiepend shot distance devoured it On the Rose: 2-1 on the stroke of peace and quiet. He went away with a bad feeling in the dressing room.

And so it came about that the home team is on the field, as the Spanish champion had to make do without The former Barcelona coach. After a few taps he had him in the first half of the care for the suffering of the thigh. He bit a little bit longer, but I could not go further. Opdoffer.

After the break, it was the pace of the game higher and higher. Initially, without much of a threat. I Was waiting for the new ‘wonderboy’ Ansu Fati have been putting in an appearance. He made sure to add a little something extra into the team and had some nice things to see. The young man popped it in the slot just next to it. To score goals, we got to see at the Nou Camp. Barcelona won 2-1 and it takes 10 to 18.
“Messi has taken the precaution of switching”

work out coach Ernesto Valverde is back on the decision to have two Sides for a change. “But it’s nothing really, I just do it as a matter of precaution change.He felt a bit of discomfort in the adductors, and, since he had just come back from an injury, we did not want to take any risks. The more that’s going on, but if there is something Messi has done, it seems that the world is, of course, is always a bit of a stand still.”
goals scored: