The Chinese government wants to limit the Import of solid waste from other countries. The state-run Xinhua news Agency reported, citing several government authorities. Accordingly, the list of the import ban affected products as of 31. December does not include longer 24 categories, but 32. In the future, products such as Hardware, ships, auto parts, wood and stainless steel scrap are from the import ban affected.

China had already imposed a year ago, a far-reaching import stops for the garbage. A total of 24 different recycling materials must not, since 1. January 2018 after China, plastic waste, waste paper, old CDs and old textiles will be exported – including. With the measures the Chinese government wants to prevent, among other things, consequences for the Chinese environment.

will apply in addition to the restrictions on trash imports, therefore, in the meantime, more stringent conditions for the exported waste that happen to be China’s border and local businesses bought out. Thus, China established in the past year, a pollution limit for products such as cardboard and metal in the amount of 0.5 per cent.

state media also reported that China would suspend imports of solid waste by the end of 2019 to a large extent. Exceptions should only apply to raw materials that can otherwise be replaced.

China imported since the eighties, waste from other countries and is one of the world’s largest importers. According to a study published in the Journal Science Advances, landed since 1992, about 72 percent of the world’s plastic waste in China and Hong Kong.

Since the more stringent requirements of the proportion of the world’s waste exports to China have already fallen sharply. Garbage-exporting countries such as Germany will be forced to look for Alternatives. To belong to one of the largest exporters of unsorted plastic waste in the United States and Japan. The EU member States to export a total of 87 percent of all plastic waste to China.