failed Because of a Strike of ground staff at the Hamburg airport at least 58 flights. 31 of 194 departures, and 27 of 194 landings had been cancelled, informed the operator of the Helmut-Schmidt-airport. According to the Union ver.di put down as of 3 o’clock in the morning, about 150 Workers their jobs.

The employees of the so-called ground handling services at Hamburg airport, including aircraft and baggage handling, bus transport and the cleaning of the aircraft. The operating company travelers called because of the strike action, “sufficient time”. You should also reduce the “checked baggage to a Minimum”. Whom it was possible, you should only take hand Luggage.

Ver.di had called for the strike in the short term, on Sunday evening. The warning strike is to the whole day continue. Background the collective bargaining for the almost 1,000 employees of the ground services ground stars, Stars and Cats.

for the ground services of a competent airport Manager Christian Noack criticized the Union. “This unannounced 24-hour strike is plated to the current state of collective bargaining entirely, and self-indulgent,” he said. The employers have already confirmed for the next round of Negotiations on Monday and Friday of this week with a revised offer and am standing by that position. “Ver.di, however, calls for more than the ground transport services can generate in a strained market situation.”

Ver.di criticized the previous employer’s offer as inadequate. The Union is demanding, among other things, a monthly tariff increase of 275 Euro for all employees.