Walgreens and CVS have lifted the limits on the number of over-the-counter rapid COVID-19 test kits customers can buy at once. This was to ensure that the kits were in stock. The Omicron variant was rapidly spreading in the U.S., increasing demand for these screening tools. CVS stated that it has increased its COVID-19 test supply since then, which allowed the company to remove purchase restrictions.

A spokesperson for CVS Pharmacy told CBS MoneyWatch that they had worked with their vendors to increase OTC COVID-19 test inventory and removed product restrictions on those products at CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide as well as on CVS.com. CVS currently stocks six rapid COVID-19 testing products. Walgreens previously limited customers to four tests in-store or online, but this was up to Thursday. A spokesperson for Walgreens stated that customers can now buy as many rapid COVID-19 test as they wish from the retailer.

These tests were especially difficult to find around holidays when people were able to travel with their families and enjoy the company of friends.

Insurers now cover testing

Private insurers must now cover the cost for eight COVID-19 over-the-counter tests per month under the Biden administration rule. Individuals must keep their receipts and submit them to be reimbursed under other plans.

The CVS spokesperson stated that customers should save receipts in the initial stages of the program because they might need them to submit to their insurer.

Only approved tests are eligible for reimbursement. You can check the FDA’s approved list of kits here to verify the name of the test you intend to buy.