In the cleaning industry started in the night on Monday a nationwide Strike. The trade Union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt wants to exert pressure on the employer to a collective to enforce Christmas money for the approximately 600,000 employees in the industry. Be strike cleaning objects, such as airports, hospitals, government offices, industrial sites and schools.

The Federal Guild Association of the building cleaning craft had rejected the demand of the IG BAU to a collective Christmas money last. The employer referred to already-agreed-upon wage increases, which led in the course of the year, to 2020 the areas of equal pay in the Collective West and the East. In addition, no game is an economical room for a 13. Month’s salary, it said in a communication of 9. November.

The industry is one of the few in the there is no Christmas money, said the IG BAU. The trade Union demands for the building cleaner an extra payment of around half of a Monthly salary, in the case of a long length of service it should give up to 70 per cent. The many part-time workers should be involved in the same way according to their actual working hours.

“The employees in the building cleaning are acidic. Do you want to finally be the recognition that you deserve, and no longer as second-class workers,” explained IG-BAU-negotiator Ulrike Laux. “Most of the work in the lowest wage group. They work reliably and hard. Riches do not make it now, really.” That’s why a Christmas bonus is “in recognition of her performance of” for you is especially important, said Laux. The employers, accusing it of “dumping methods”.