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is one of the great social issues of our time. TIME ONLINE will focus on the situation on the German residential market. This Text is part of the series.

may be So great the shortage of housing in German cities, not for all of you is a reason to complain – some inspires you really. The large housing corporations are currently increasing profits, because of the pressure on the inner cities allows the Rent to increase further.

in addition to the increase in Revenue, the decline in funding costs in the hands. They contribute to larger modernisation or home purchases, on credit, expect for you faster. “Today, we know that Our approach works best,” cheered the recent Rolf Buch, the chief of the country’s largest listed group Vonovia, in a letter to his shareholders. Alone the Vonovia came to 2.5 billion euros of profit last year, around 50 million more than in 2016.

When private companies make large profits, that is their right. It is also good for the German economy. In the case of the housing corporations but some of the majority of construction economists and urban researchers to raise questions, especially this: How big is the market is the stock market-listed landlords, in the meantime? Take advantage of your position at the end, so to speak, at the expense of the General public? And one could therefore ask whether you would also need to help more in addressing the housing shortage?

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Finally, the corporations were able to grow at all only so strong because many of the cities you years of large municipal housing stocks to be born, since the cities themselves were in financial Straits. As a result, the local authorities gave a decisive Instrument with which you were previously able to the rental market influence.

Housing for Rent-focus

Wohnen is one of the great social issues of our time. In our focus, we report, where the lease charge is highest, what is the role large corporations play in the process, and how still today, affordable housing create. The following articles are published:

The last move: The majority of seniors live in their own home, although this is often much too large for you. The real estate industry sees a huge business, but pushes you to the limits.