The auto group Volkswagen does not have to call back in Germany, around 4,000 cars, which may not be sold, would have – because they did not meet the standard construction. In the second half of November, you have begun to question customers to get in contact with, shared with VW. The goal is for the vehicles to buy back, to fix any possible defects.

The Federal Ministry of transport informed that it was a mandatory recall, because the car “are inadmissible in the traffic”. Volkswagen explained, possibly the cars from the current series production or pre-production vehicles to share with not-yet-released Prototypes have been converted. Worldwide, the company has sold according to own statements from last Friday, between 2006 and 2018, a total of approximately 6,700 vehicles, whose construction corresponded to the respective series production. The result was an internal Review, it said.

According to information of the mirror taken by the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig in the case of pre-investigation. It seeks to examine “whether there is an initial suspicion of criminal behavior,” said senior Prosecutor Klaus Pull the magazine. According to the report, the investigators examine whether Volkswagen has committed to the sale of the vehicles is possibly a Scam. The Ministry of transport test it also, if it imposed a fine against VW.

VW argues that it is, in principle, allowed to sell pre-production cars – you have not only “failed to document what serial is in the affected vehicles, in accordance with”. The group also no accidents or injuries are known to result from a non-standard equipment of the former Pre-production vehicle.

different models are Affected, according to Volkswagen: from the smallest Up, Polo, Golf and Passat wagon to the SUV Touareg and the electric e-Golf. As a precaution, the vehicles should be checked, because “limitations of the safety systems” could not be ruled out, a spokesman said. However, there is a wide variety of changes to the paint in the engine compartment that go through the standard state.