an internal control of the new emission software for VW diesel vehicles are “abnormalities” have been registered. The company said the speaker. You’ve been informed “immediately” of the Federal motor transport authority (KBA). The Update will not for the time being, to other cars. First of all, the image had reported on Sunday about it.

according to The paper, the abnormality in the Software to “potentially illegal”. Experts in the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) were therefore expected, that the function was an impermissible switch-off device. From the Ministry of transport, it was only the Problem with the Software Update is known. The process will be examined by the KBA.

The VW spokesman, according to the irregularities at a Software, occurred Update for cars with 1.2-litre diesel engines of the type EA189. Volkswagen has not programmed the Update accordingly, leading to an external service provider. “At the beginning of January dates have been agreed to the further examination and analysis to advance together with high-pressure”, according to VW.

The group had in August 2015, against the US authorities were, in the case of diesel so cheated vehicles that emissions laws were. The Software Updates is seen as the Central means of reducing the pollutant emissions of diesel models relatively quickly.

In many German cities the limit values for air pollution are exceeded. Courts have arranged for several cities driving bans to be implemented in the new year.

The Federal administrative court had declared in February, driving bans, in principle, admissible, if they are proportionate. Accordingly, cities driving may impose prohibitions, in order to improve the air quality. What this means for motorists and residents in major German cities, can be read here.