(Quebec) Confusion in the Liberal Party (PLQ): two elected officials called on students on Thursday to denounce “in every way possible”, by filming if necessary, the brutality of the words and gestures of their teachers, but the door QLP spokesperson for education, Marwah Rizqy, later indicated that she “does not endorse the recordings at all.”

Quebec solidaire says for its part that it is a “very bad thing” to get to filming, while the Parti Quebecois (PQ) advocates caution.

Oppositions react following filmed denunciations of teachers who yell in class while addressing their students, while using foul language.

The PLQ demands a mechanism to report abuse, but in the meantime encourages student victims of certain teachers to report these cases, even if it means filming or recording them.

“We can’t prevent young people from doing what they want, so if they want to record [their teachers with their phone], we won’t be able to control their actions all the time,” argued his colleague Frédéric Beauchemin. .

On Twitter, MP Marwah Rizqy wanted to express her disagreement. “I don’t want parents to start sending tapes to schools and cameras being brought in,” she wrote.

“It’s not a question of denouncing,” said MP Ruba Ghazal, of Quebec solidaire (QS). When students speak up, adults need to act, she says.

If a teacher is doing their job poorly, a boss should act, not wait for parents to act, she said.

The PQ believes for its part that it is “very problematic” to come to have to film the actions of teachers to do justice.

He predicts that there will be an increase in denunciations in the coming days. In addition, the PQ calls for a mechanism “to remove from classes teachers who are not able to teach and who need help”.