The United States, Mexico and Canada have signed their new trade agreement USMCA. Prior to the start of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, the contractors put their signatures on the new edition of the North American free trade agreement (Nafta). US President, Donald Trump had announced that since the 1994 Nafta agreement, and that the two neighbouring countries forced to renegotiate. The abbreviation USMCA stands for United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

In Buenos Aires, said Trump, the new agreement will help ensure that no auto jobs migrated abroad and, instead, have already migrated back would be brought in. He spoke of a “model agreement, the trading landscape changed forever”.

The new Convention is not yet ratified final: It must be from the US Congress decided. Trump said, “a lot of hooks and a little bit of abuse” had been removed from the rulebook. To Trudeau turned, he added: “It was a battle.” But sometimes you’ll have a hard fight to be “good friends”.

at the beginning of October had been agreed by the three countries on the USMCA. According to the agreement of 2.6 million cars from customs duties should be exempted. The US collected duties on steel and aluminum, however, remain initially in force. In the case of milk and dairy products Canada, came to the United States and provided a much better access to the canadian dairy market.