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the Communist Manifesto of 1848, capitalism is destroyed according to Marx and Engels, to its crises, and if not equal, then in the kick-off of the horsemen of the Apocalypse by the name of exploitation, impoverishment, impoverishment and turmoil. The most recent indication is the Gig Economy, the opportunity for jobs, in which people have no fixed Job, but from one order to the next by shimmy – without social security, health insurance and future.

A classic example for the Gig-Economy – today here, tomorrow there – is Uber, travel intermediaries, a few years ago, a higher market value than Ford or General Motors. The Uber driver is, and his modest capital in a used car. Then he or she goes via the App and no income guarantee or social security on the customer’s hunt. The fare is 30 percent of the collected Uber Commission. On other Apps, the Pizza, or the cleaning woman come into the house. But also surgeons and financial advisers in America to their services via an App.

The ugly word “precariat” is doing the rounds, that would soon dissolve the old work rules – for the Benefit of large, super-rich companies and to the detriment of small I-AG-service providers, who do not know which source of revenue you could tap into in the morning, in order to secure their livelihood. A bad Trend seems to be to enforce, but the latest Figures, at least in America, the cave of the “predator capitalism”, speak a friendly language.

A just released Report by the U.S. Department of labor (Bureau of labor Statistics) reports that over 90 percent of the acquisition were employed in a traditional employment, so as permanently employed. Such Figures, concludes the Economist Lawrence Mishel in the Wall Street Journal, should sober all those “who have supported the Hype, what an Explosion of self-employment is transforming the world of work in a rushing step”.

Because the Trend now goes in the other direction. The rate of freelance Employment has fallen sharply since the “Great recession” that began in 2007, from 7.4 to 6.9 percent. Similarly, the workers with fixed-term Jobs: at that time, 4.1 percent, 3.8. Two luminaries – Alan Krueger (Princeton) and Lawrence Katz (Harvard) – are surprised. Economists had predicted that more and more people like Cowboys roam, time in, time for the Rancher, the herds would drift. As a good scientist, you revise your opinion. The US labour market have hardly changed, report them.

This article dates back to the TIME no 04/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

you are right between two different “alternative” or “contingent” labor markets.

the alternative market is growing, where there is no traditional working conditions, but not necessarily because of the sheer Need. People here in Germany, we call “free-lance” romp – which offer themselves as A one-man-entrepreneur, or short-term project contracts to complete, but unlike classical producers no capital or want to use. Here not only the young, poorly Trained, do not find a regular Job, act certainly. In percentage terms, four times as many Older (55 to 74) as Young in this sector are on the go. There are no “Suspended”, but, first and foremost, Gutqualifizierte who do not want to hire out to large corporations and their independence. But the risk of the freedom you can handle. These people, experts in their field, collect, on average, more per hour than regular staff.