Bayer has appealed against the conviction in glyphosate-process in the United States calling. The plaintiff in the first glyphosate-process, Dewayne Johnson, leads his lymphatic cancer glands on its deal with the weed killer during his Jobs as a place were in California schools. A jury-Jury Johnson had awarded only 289 million dollars (253 million euros). Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos had been reduced to this sum, but later on, around 78 million dollars. A request from Bayer to a new process they did not. As a result of the Jury’s decision, Bayer had lost their shares significantly.

“We remain convinced that the awarded damages and reduced punitive damages neither by the evidence nor the law supported,” said Bayer in Leverkusen. The company had submitted an appeal, therefore, appeal to the California Court of Appeal. The decision, the punitive damages in order to reduce the more than $ 200 million, a step in the right direction. However, the court submitted to the scientific data did not support the conclusion that between the application of glyphosate and the cancer of Johnson, a relevant connection exists.

The pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical group, Bayer must face, meanwhile, in the USA, several glyphosate-suits. By the end of October, the court had been the writings of a total of about 9,300 plaintiffs, said Bayer CEO Werner Baumann at the presentation of the quarterly balance sheet in mid-November.

The lymph glands, cancer Johnson was the reduction of the damages according to his lawyers is not appropriate to accept the verdict but, nevertheless, in the hope to find in his life time a definitive solution to the dispute.