(Washington) Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu insisted on Sunday that the United States remained his country’s “best ally”, despite an embarrassing leak of classified American documents including information on the Jewish state, which he downplayed. ‘importance.

One of the notes posted on the internet mentioned that leaders of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, had defended the demonstrations against the controversial reform of the judicial system in Israel, wanted by the government of Binyamin Netanyahu.

All of this is the result of a “misunderstanding”, assured the Prime Minister during an interview with the American television channel NBC.

Lower-ranking Mossad members “can participate in protests,” but not officials, he said, which he says explains the content of the US document.

Mr. Netanyahu, however, assured that the intelligence service was not opposed to him and on the contrary worked “hand in hand” with him to “ensure the security of the country”.

Since the announcement of the reform project in early January, tens of thousands of Israelis have gathered every week to denounce the text.

The government announced a pause in this reform at the end of March, even criticized by US President Joe Biden. He said he “hoped” that the Israeli authorities would abandon the project.

Reproaches that have not damaged the relationship between the United States and Israel, according to Mr. Netanyahu.

“America is indispensable to Israel, and by far its best ally,” he said.

“Friends can sometimes have disagreements. »