Trade dispute – Donald Trump announces new special tariffs against China Starting on Friday of increased customs duties of 25 percent will apply to Chinese products. It is unclear whether the proposed trade talks are taking place. © Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

US President Donald Trump has announced in the trade war with China, an increase in import duties of ten to 25 percent. It should take effect next Friday. The negotiations on a trade agreement could move forward too slowly, wrote Trump to state the grounds on Twitter. China attempts to negotiate – he doesn’t want to allow.

last week, a new round of Negotiations was held in Beijing. Imports of goods to the value of 325 billion dollars were initially free of special duties. This will change in the short term, wrote Donald Trump.

Trumps twist in the negotiations comes as a surprise. Only last Friday he had declared the trade talks would run “pretty good”. In addition, his chief of staff had declared the Trade dispute will resolved in the next two weeks. The bilateral negotiations should continue this week. It was planned that the Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu He should travel to Washington.

The U.S. President had occupied ten months, the imports of certain Goods from China in volume of $ 200 billion with special duties in the amount of ten per cent. A possible increase to 25 per cent, he had signaled for January.

In December had been agreed by both sides, further tariff increases in abeyance for the time being and decided to enter into negotiations. For further imports, in volume of 50 billion dollars, the rate is already at 25 percent.