In La Liga, Despite a terrible start, the zwalpende Real Madrid Courtois, and Hazard analysis and after match day five in front in La Liga. “Un poco loco, a little crazy.

the Hazard and Courtois were on the top in the Hotel, of course. In addition, in comparison with the match in Paris on Wednesday, Losses for the Militao.In gelijkopgaande of the first half, got the Switch with the highest probability. The Eden is still in good shape, and it didn’t work clearly. Also, Carvajal was met in the champions league.

in Addition, Real Madrid are separated by itself, and with the players that are in the possession of the opposing team were running around like chickens without a head. Sevilla played Thursday night, still in the Qarabag – it was better than expected in Madrid.

the Switch was the best for the visitors in the first half-an-hour after the break. His trips were time and time again wrongly gagged. However, in the last ten yards of the field and came out a Real long, long time, not even a lack of creativity and inspiration.For a time it was, however, too little time.