Each of the climate summit, arguing about new topics, but one thing never changes: In the documents that serve as the basis of negotiation, controversial points in parentheses. Highlight the dissent. The 144-page document, the the Polish summit has published presidency on Friday morning, contains square brackets 185. Many Details are still open.

the negotiations were to leave on Friday evening to an end. However, in Katowice, all set on the fact that the conference participants will be at least until Saturday. In the meantime, even been reported that the Polish presidency is to think about the summit to several days. The message was, apparently, Satire. Experienced negotiators know the game already: extensions belonging to the business. You increase the pressure, to agree on the last meters.

The Federal environment Minister and the heads of the German Delegation seemed on Friday morning to be relaxed in any case remarkable. “It looks good”, said Svenja Schulze to journalists. “We are on the way to the finish line.” The current draft of the outcome document is not yet the final Text. In the night it had become “clear” that not all of the delegations with all of the points satisfied.

the task seemed easy: In Katowice, which can be some of the negotiators on rules, with which the Paris climate agreement implemented in practical policy. The agreement was adopted three years ago, to great cheers – he had weaknesses. For example, the Paris agreement is formulated, although targets for climate protection, but left open how it should be achieved. In Katowice, we wanted to fill the gap.

The world has

changed Back in Paris, they held the delay is not a major Problem. Finally, all of the States shown good will. However, some have lost since then. The world has changed: The US wants to get out of the climate Treaty, Brazil stands opposite him, at the least, skeptical, and, more generally, the willingness has declined to regulate global problems together. Therefore, the negotiations in Katowice under difficult instead of find conditions. Also, the trade dispute between the U.S. and China impact the negotiations, said the Minister of environment of Costa Rica, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez.

Five points on Friday, nor particularly controversial:

the summit is to the special report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change on the 1.5-degree target? Had made in the autumn clear how important it would be to stop the warming at two degrees plus, but it is clearly below. In Katowice, the poor developing countries demand above all, the summit must acknowledge the report in strong words – but the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are reluctant. The compromise proposal now reads: The summit “is expressed in the intergovernmental panel on climate change, his appreciation and his thanks for the Report”. This is probably too little.Handled the completion of the Declaration of climate-related damage and losses? This point is especially for the poor developing countries is crucial. Climate change hits them particularly hard. You can protect yourself with the self, but need the support of wealthy countries. The draft final document to be banished, but the damage to the climate in a footnote: The disregard of signals. Resistance is foreseeable.According to the Paris agreement, each state voluntarily decides to which climate objectives at the United Nations submits. However, the current promise will lead to a warming of three degrees, plus – if you are ever fulfilled. Therefore, it would be important that national climate goals as possible to improve soon and decided to. The poor countries are asking: 2020 must be new goals, and the final document of Katowice has to formulate as clearly as possible.Climate, nothing are goals of value, if it is not checked whether a state adheres to its promise. In Katowice, the rules should be set. Now the dispute over the question of whether, and how long for Emerging – and developing countries, special rules are to apply. The reason is that poor States are often not able to report the same level of detail as the developed countries. Many do not have enough data. While the United States passed in Katowice on strict rules for all, called for China more flexibility. Finally, the Delegation of the people’s Republic of but seemed to relent. The Paris agreement gives the signatory States the possibility of markets to trade emission allowances. The there are some places, for example, in the European Union. However, in the future, the trade should also work across continents. So he achieved, unlike in the EU, the goal is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to be sustainable, must be set the conditions carefully. The Details will be argued in Katowice, even violently.

Expected that the delegations will be under the direction of the Polish summit President Michał Kurtyka all Friday. And as long as they are not agreed on everything, is still decided nothing. The peaks is part of the game on Climate. “Everything is a bargaining chip,” said Yamide Dagnet, a climate expert at the Washington-based think tank World Resources Institute.

in Order to reach an Agreement, will need to all the parties moving toward each other. How long that will take, is not yet foreseeable. Whether the summit will be a success, not at the end but probably only to the Details, to which the parties agree. If you agree, three years after Paris and work under difficult conditions, and values, then that alone is a positive Signal.